Solar Plant Testing

Solar Power Plant Testing

Leveraging on our rich engineering solutions experience, we ventured out plant testing vertical to mitigate the performance killer issues. We are one of the best Solar Plant engineering Companies in India provide the Solar Power Plant Testing services. Safety, performance, availability and achieving expected energy yields are critical factors right from the planning and design stage to the commercial operation date (COD) and throughout the in-service lifetime of a PV plant. performance factor of a plant can be optimized by proper testing which is essential for good RoI. Though care is taken for 1 to 3 years by the EPC, as the years pass the quality diminishes. We at valkan do third party plant survey at the earlier stage of commissioning also. We will provide necessary recommendation for high CUF & long term reliability.We are facilitated with the following test and equipment.


For Project Developers/ EPC, testing the modules at Pre installation stage can help to monitor Light Induced Degradation effect prior to Installation.This saves time on troubleshooting in the long run. IV Curve tracing of a solar array at the commissioning stage will give us a ideal value for future comparisons.Our inventory kits will Perform all required solar PV Commissioning tests included in IEC 61829 and IEC 62446

For Investors, we assist them in Independent testing and evaluation services for performance, reliability of solar plant.This will help them in understanding the parameters of major components and risk factors associated with it. It will also increase investor's confidence on asset value and performance of the solar plant.

List of tests possible:

  • I-V Curve tracing of Module / String / SCB
  • Insulation testing of the modules
  • ground Bonding
  • Calculation of earth resistance, checking effective working of earth pit
  • Measurement of actual site irradiance and co-relating with available radiation meter
  • Measurement of cell temperature
  • Thermal profile of the panels, identification of hot spot / snail trail.

List of Equipments:

  • Seaward PV 200 Testing kit and accessories
  • Seaward Irradiance measurement kit
  • Seaward Clamp Meters / Multimeters
  • Fluke Insulation tester
  • Earthing test kit
  • Thermal Imaging Camera Flir-E7


Capacity: 27MWp
Type: Ground Mounted
Location: Rajasthan

Capacity: 27MW
Type: Ground Mounted
Location: Rajasthan

Capacity:   27MW
Type: Ground Mounted
Location: Maharashtra

Capacity: 2 MW
Type: Ground Mounted
Location: Tamilnadu


Capacity: 1065 KW (cumulative)
Type: Rooftop
Location: Gujarat & Maharashtra