20 Mar 2018

Various Processes in Solar Plant

For a successful EPC project management, we need proper evaluation tools and support of expert design consultants. Valkan, the best Solar Consultants in India provide best engineering solutions for EPC project. The engineering team at Valkan are well-experienced in consulting ground-mounted plant and rooftop plants and Ground-mounted plants more than 100 MW and Rooftop plants more than 80 MW at overall India and out of the country level. They provide right decisions and provide their great support throughout the EPC project.

Consulting and Installing the Solar Power Plant is very complex one and it needs well-experienced professionals. Valkan provides the quality assured solution for end to end installation of Solar Plant.  The highly experienced engineering team at Valkan provide their support in solar plant installation and commissioning. With fast track execution, they provide expert service in short while. They are providing their service with proven record of implementation of above 2 MW rooftop plants at overall India.

Some best Solar Installation Companies provide their expert service by undergoing various processes in the solar plant such as

Rooftop Plants

In Rooftop plants, highly skilled and experienced Engineering team at Valkan, one of the best Solar Installation Companies offers its’ quality service in Rooftop Survey, calculation of Load, Energy and Design estimation, DC, AC, Structural, Civil, Electrical, Evacuation, and in Simulation of PV System.

Solar Parks

Solar Park is otherwise known as the Photovoltaic power station. Solar Park is a large-scale PV system. This is especially designed for converting merchant power to electricity network. In solar parks, the detailed survey on land which is preferred for installing PV plants, the study of Load flow, Letters of Intent (LOI), Acquisition of Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) are performed with numerous drawings and designs.


In this process, survey is performed on the location where PV plants are going to be installed. Additional to this, Initial PV system report is provided along with Bill of Material (BOM) feasibility decision. 

Performance Evaluation

Highly skilled and experienced Engineering team at Valkan, one of the best solar consulting and Solar Power Plant Testing Companies in India did performance evaluation by analyzing Installed PV plants. Along with analysis, Energy study, Performance Ratio studies are also performed to improve the Calculate Capacity Utilisation Factor (CUF) as well as Performance Ratio. Increase the yield of Solar Power Plant with the support of Valkan at affordable cost.

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