13 Mar 2018

Advantages of I-V Curve Tracing

I-V tracing is a method effectively used for testing in PV industry. This method is especially used for estimating the performance of PV module. I-V Curve tracing is used by the electrical contractors and Solar PV installers. Some best Solar Consulting Companies in India recommend and utilize this effective method in PV performance estimation. Some valuable advantages of this method are discussed here,

Less Test Duration

With a single electrical link at every coupler box the I-V curve tracing measures the performance of PV module. The coupler box is separated from remaining array and connects to string fuses to estimate the performance at a time. This entire process is completed within 15 seconds per string. The measured data is saved electronically. This I-V measurement avoids the measurement of each string separately. This I-V curve tracing method provides the maximum power, current, and voltage at a time.

Less risk in Start-Up and Commissioning

To reduce the risk at the stage of start-up and commissioning, the testing of PV module or string is done before the inverter becomes online.

Exact Result of Measurement

I-V curve tracing provides exact measurement result. I-V curve tracing measures the maximum power point rather than measuring short circuit and open circuit current. By comparing the deviation occurs in I-V curve shape and on-screen model, we can get some significant clues that used for troubleshooting purposes. 

Effective Data Management

Measurement data collected by I-V curve tracing method are saved as electronic data. It is saved by eliminating the errors in data recording. Some best Solar Power Plant Testing Companies utilize this I-V curve tracing method to get the exact data and also for effective data management.

Thorough Performance Baseline

PV modules or strings are highly reliable. However, performance can reduce gradually. Sometimes, the module or string will fail.  I-V Curve tracing method will effectively give the detailed baseline. Module or string failure can be easily measured and documented. Some best Solar Installation Companies in India utilize this method for measuring the PV module performance.

Effective Troubleshooting

I-V Curve tracing plays its effective role in the PV module or string troubleshooting. The Solmetric I-V analyzer is used to predict the failed one simply. This analyzer compares the modules or strings performance and predicts the failed one easily.

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