08 Mar 2018

I-V Curve Tracing in Power Plant

I-V curve tracing is a standard tool used effectively over any other methods by electrical contractors and solar installers in commercial PV diligence. I-V tracing is the effective testing method than any other to know the performance of PV module and String. Some best Solar Companies in India utilize this effective method to examine the Performance of PV array. I-V curve tracing is used in both manufacturing and testing fields.

I-V curve means that current and voltage operating points of PV module or array placed in Sunlight.  The I-V curve starts at short circuit current and ends at open circuit voltage. At the knee of the curve, the maximum power point is there. It is the operating point and delivers high output. Any damage such as shading, soiling can effectively affect the I-V curve shape. This will affects the yield of maximum power and also reduce the value of PV array.

Some best Solar Installation Companies like Valkan provide their best service with diverse Solar Power Plant Testing and apparatus. I-V curve tracing is used chiefly to enhance the period of PV module. Some chief benefits of this I-V Curve testing are much faster and providing high-value data for commissioning. I-V curve tracing method is mainly to speed up the testing time. For the investors, some best Solar Consulting Companies in India assists them with this IV-Curve tracing and Insulation testing.

Other than testing, equipment such as Seaward PV 200 Testing kit and accessories, Irradiance measurement kit, Fluke Insulation tester, Earthing test kit and thermal imaging Camera are used to enhance the performance of PV array. These testing and equipment are to troubleshoot the risk factors in solar plant and to enhance the performance of PV array. Some best Solar Companies in India provide their valuable service throughout the solar plant process. At the pre-Installation stage, a special engineer team at Valkan assist to observe the Light Induced Degradation effect. This helps much in avoiding troubleshoots. Some best Solar Consultants in India provide the quality recommendations for high CUF and reliability of the solar plant.

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