28 Feb 2018

Cost-Effective Solar Power Plant Service

While coming to solar plant, the installation and plant testing will be the great and challenging concerns. Especially in these stages, people are struggling hugely without the support of the expert team. Valkan, one of the best Solar Consulting Companies in India offers the promising engineering end to end solutions with their expert service which can ensure the robustness of solar plant. Before installing solar plant various testing has been done by Valkan, one of the best Solar Consulting and Installation Companies in India. The expert team at valkan provide the best engineering solution for EPC, Project developers and Investors at PAN India and overseas.

An expert team at valkan are highly experienced and are providing timely execution in effective cost. safety, performance, availability and expected energy yields reach are some critical issues from planning and design stage of a PV plant. Valkan, one of the best companies of Solar Power Plant Testing in India offers their expert services with various tests and equipment. Some of the tests that done by experts at valkan are I-V Curve tracing, Insulation Testing, Ground Bonding, Evaluating the effectiveness of Earth pit, Actual site irradiance, Cell temperature measurement, Panels’ thermal profile and some other.

Using these tests expert engineering team at Valkan offers the quality service at the affordable cost. I-V Curve tracing not only used for module also for string and SCB (String Combiner Boxes). Identification of hot spot and snail trail is also done at valkan. By doing these tests before installation they assure the robustness of the solar plant. The expert team at valkan takes place throughout the installation of PV plant from planning and design stages. Valkan is not only the best consulting company and also one of the best Solar Installation Companies. They afford entire turnkey farm out EPC services to profitable and efficacy customers. In Installation of PV plant, the expert team at valkan offers services on system installation, integration, civil work and power evacuation.

Other than providing expert services with various tests they also provide services with various kits such as seaward PV 200 testing kit and accessories, seaward Irradiance measurement kit, Earthing test kit, seaward clamp meters, multimeters and some other kits. Get the maximum energy yield by getting the quality and trustworthy service from Valkan at affordable cost.

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