Solar Plant Engineering in India 

Valkan Engineering Pvt Ltd, since its inception, has been offering complete engineering solutions for EPC/Project developers/Investors at PAN India & overseas. Our mission is to provide promising engineering solutions which ensure robustness of a solar plant. With a distinct engineering team, we assist clients during pre-bidding and post bidding phase by providing optimum engineering drawings/layouts. We maintain higher degree of confidentiality & promising quality that has made us the first choice for EPC Ventures.   

Promising Engineering Services

We are one of the successful and best Solar Plant engineering Companies in India. Throughout the entire process, we provide all our services at the affordable price. Our special well-experienced engineering team will help you throughout the installation process. Leveraging on our rich engineering solutions experience, we offer plant testing upright to alleviate the killer issues which can diminish the performance.

We are one of the best Solar Companies in India who offer promising services with Solar Power Plant Testing. We help throughout the working period of the PV plant from planning, designing stage to the COD (Commercial Operation Date). The welfare, performance, user-friendliness and achieving expected energy yields are some of the critical issues. Our special team optimizes the Plant’s performance issue with proper testing. This is essential for virtuous Rol. Even though EPC takes care for 3 years, the quality would be diminished. 

Solar Plant testing

We at Valkan, offer third party survey at the commissioning prior stage.  We provide the obligatory recommendation for high Capacity Utilisation Factor (CUF) and long-term consistency. We provide quality services with some of best Solar Power Plant Testing and equipment. We are doing some test such as I-V Curve Tracing, Insulation Testing, Ground Bonding, Earth resistance calculation, Site irradiance measurement, Cell temperature measurement, Hot spot & snail trial identification, thermal profile of the panels. Especially for the project developers and EPC, module testing at pre-installation stage will assist in observing the Light Induced Degradation effect before the installation. This will help you to avoid troubleshoots. At the commissioning stage, I-V Cure tracing of the solar array will provide the ultimate value for future comparisons.

Our inventory kits can execute all needed solar PV commissioning tests comprised in IEC 61829 and IEC 62446. For the effective performance and reliability of solar plant, we help the investors in Independent testing and evaluation services. This will frame out the risk factors and parameters of chief modules associated with the solar plant. We are one of the best Solar Installation Companies in India providing trustworthy services and solutions on end to end engineering for solar EPC and developers with above 7 years of experience in solar industry. Our service includes the greatly demanded features like timely implementation, professional approach and affordable cost.











Solar Plant Engineering

We do solar Plant engineering services for solar EPC players/investors/project developers. ...


Solar Plant Testing

Solar Power Plant TestingLeveraging on our rich engineering solutions experience, we...


Installation and Commissioning

We offer solutions on End to end solar plant ...

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Customer Testimonials

We found that your services are very useful for the pre-designing of the solar projects for customers understanding (In which Shadow analysis, PV syst Simulation & panel placement Modeling is very supportive)Aside this your services are our helping hands for the design & engineering of solar rooftop projects, which gives us the best solution & support to serve our valuable clients.

OHMS Energy Pvt Ltd

When it comes to software generated results and analysis for our projects, Valkan Engineering was always being a helping hand for us with their quality outcomes. The team is friendly and is always prompt in their actions.

Solar Apps Energy Pvt Ltd

Asst. Manager

We have been availing of services Valkan Engineering since 2016. They are a highly educated, energetic and dedicated team. We have received many unique perspectives and inputs from their team for our projects in Jaipur, Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi and Coimbatore. We believe that Valkan Engineering has a great value to offer the Indian solar market.

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